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Andrè silva is back

Gennaro Gattuso in the post-Genoa-Milan match was presented to the microphones of journalists to comment on what he saw at Marassi.

The coach rossonero has commented so the success at Sky Sports: “Today there was great concern, we came from two and a half months in which we did not know how it was the defeat. We suffered and missed something, but today the team has held the field well. Congratulations to Genoa, we could lose. We have to improve, I can not see the right wickedness at the door “.

Later we talk about André Silva, author of the victory network:André Silva I do not invent him. For the age that has played in the national Portuguese champion of Europe. He is young and must get used to the championship. It is always necessary to tell him enough because he is at the gym and out to kick or try movements. It must be indulged. He has passion. It is strong, to date has not yet proven all its value “.

Gattuso in the second half has changed form, right move: “I put the 4-4-2 at the right time, we wanted to win it. It is not the first time I put the team like that. Today it went well. I see the three attackers commit themselves. When I feel it and need victory at all costs it is something that can be proposed “.

Finally Rino explains what has changed compared to the match with Arsenal: “The difference is that sometimes you do not contemplate that you play against players with totally different physicalities and structures. Then with 75 thousand at the stadium you stretch and lose firmness. My boys have no experience, but neither do I respect Wenger. Being a footballer helps in the daily dynamics, but being a coach is a totally different profession “.

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