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ItaliaCup last call: ACMilan try the hit

The feeling between Milan and the Coppa Italia has never been excellent. He won five times in his history, four of which date back to the ’60s and’ 70s.

During the era Berlusconi the president was admitted to consider the trophy more prestigious for a real father more than the national cup, which has lost its charm in a more globalized world and aimed at gains. But raising this ‘secondary’ trophy today would be the launching pad for a Milan that is doing everything for a winning bike ride and important perspectives.

Tonight, SSLazio – ACMilan is the right opportunity to grab the cup hoped so much. It starts from 0-0 of the first leg, so the challenge will be open and without discounts in a cold Olympic after the snowfall of the last days. Faced with a blind and rediscovered defense, like that of Mr. Gattuso, able to rebuild the trust of his starting right from the defensive structure; on the other side the best attack of the championship, with 64 goals scored and many weapons at their disposal. Lazio and Milan are also united by the Europa League, as they are the only two Italian still in the running in the competition.

Not to mention the Champions race: Milan wants to return, Lazio has excellent chances to hook the qualification. But meanwhile head to the semifinal today, a race from all over without sparing shots.

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