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Kaka, China calls. But he is waiting for Milan

Despite being out of football for a few years and choosing to play in the US MLS the last moments of his career, Ricardo Kaka remains one of the world’s most loved champions, as his infinite social networking followers testify.

Former Brazilian Milan hosted the Rossoneri club Thursday, first with an amarcord visit between Casa Milan and the club’s museum, where no photos and memories of the prestigious times were missing. Then the memorable reception of the fans at San Siro was taken, a bit like when he returned in 2013 on Adriano Galliani’s intuition and was pleased by the overwhelming majority of the fans. Now, however, it is time to look to the future and the proposals for Kaka are not lacking.

Milan’s historic number 22 has received a rather intriguing proposition from China: manager Wen Xiaoting, president of Guizhou, would like Kaka to re-launch his team’s ambitions. Wen, considered one of the most beautiful business women in the Asian country, still wants him as a football player and has already interacted with agent Bosco Leite. It’s a fascinating but difficult task, because the Chinese club should first give up a foreign element to make Ricky a place. The well-informed however speak of a negative response from Kaka, who has only a Rossoneri future in mind. As promised by Administrator Marco Fassone is ready for a place in society for a champion like him, which would be absolutely comfortable for Milan’s image.

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