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DERBY: Inter 3-2 Milan

Inter mediocre and lucky, but with a super Mauro Icardi (triplet), wins the Milan derby against Milan for 3-2. High and low match for the Rossoneri, who kick off the first half with a poor performance compared to the level of the players in the field.

In the resumption Milan wakes up and puts it under the Nerazzurri all the time, finding the same in two occasions with Suso and Giacomo Bonaventura (actually self-proclaimed by Handanovic). Two mistakes of the singles, Lucas Biglia and Ricardo Rodriguez, give the goals to Icardi. The first loses a ball in the middle of the field, the second belt his opponent and Mr. Tagliavento (his mediocre game also) whistles the penalty, which can be but seems generous enough. Milan’s reaction has been and little has not gone to win it, but certain mistakes of the singles and the coach in the first half, they cost dear ones.

Inter-Milan: scorecard, scores and cards

Markers: 28 ‘; 61 ‘; 90 ‘(R.) Icardi; Suso; Handanovic is self-serving.

Ammonites: Miranda, Romagnoli, Vecino, Gagliardini, Perisic

Expelled: /

INTER: Handanovic 6; D’Ambrosio 6, Miranda, Skriniar, Nagatomo 5.5; Vecino 6, Gagliardini 5; Candreva 7 (From 71 ‘Cancelo), Borja Valero 6.5 (From 85’ Eder s.v.), Perisic 6.5; Icardi 7,5. All .: Spalletti 5.

MILAN: G.Donnarumma 5.5; Musacchio 5.5, Bonucci 4.5, Romagnoli 5; Borini 6.5, Kessié 5 (From 45 ‘Cutrone 6), Biglia 5, Bonaventura 6.5, Rodriguez 5.5; Suso 7, André Silva 5.5. All .: Montella 5.5.
Available: Donnarumma A., Storari, Abate, Calabria, Gomez, Palette, Zapata, Cage, Locatelli, Mauri, Montolivo, Cutrone.

Inter Milan: the Rossoneri’s cards

Donnarumma 5.5: nothing can be done on the two lucky goals of Icardi, which he does not even know how, but beats the extreme Rossoneri defender. On the penalty, it is misguided. Nothin ‘else to say.

Musacchio 5: Should do better coverage, he expects more.

Bonucci 4.5: the automatisms between the three centers even the shadow. Late on Bonucci’s first goal, missing in the second goal scoring. On the wide-spread spaces, and not least in holding the direct opponent.

Romagnoli 5: a discourse similar to that made for Bonucci. Something more is expected of the young Rossoneri, who seems too shy in certain game situations.

Borini 6: runs from the first to the last minute on the band, also having the merit of finding the assist for the winning goal of Bonaventura. In the shooting you eat in one bite Nagatomo. Too bad it did not bring home any point. On that difficult band to take it off, Calabria and Abate are warned.

Rodriguez 5: what a nail that foul penalty on D’Ambrosio. Exaggerated and obvious belt but completely useless as the ball was unmarkable for the Nerazzurri. Few seconds before, however, the Swiss had saved a goal almost made by Eder. During the match hard work against Candreva, which seems to go twice the speed. But the error on the rigor we procure will remind you for quite a while.

Kessié 5: too absent and sprawling in the first half, though Milan’s best opportunity in the first fraction is due to its acceleration in which Borini then serves. A bit for the form, a bit for its match interpretation, leaves room for a second tip.
(From 45 ‘Cutrone 6: his entry gives greater danger to the Rossoneri attack and bigger spaces for André Silva. Shame has failed to sting as he would have liked.

Biglia 5: An unforgivable mistake under construction, which Icardi shakes and a few seconds later transforms into momentary 2-1. The struggles with the national team have been felt, especially in the second half. Too bad for that innocence that was costly, with Milan who in that frantic was insisting on overtaking.
(From 75 ‘Locatelli 6: who is grinning at his entry into the field, with a couple of slips set against his opponents, and at least for the upcoming races he will be able to retire more: the young Rossoner is there and is ready to take the its responsibilities).

Bonaventura 6.5: He misses the goal, though officially Handanovic puts in his shot. Match between Jacks up and down for Jack, who suffers the few moves of his teammates in the first half. It grows and improves long in the recovery.

Suso 7: Once Again Goals Against Inter, but again this time did not get the three points. This time even zero, compared to last season’s draw. Extraordinary his 20-meter left. Accuracy and power, nothing to do for Handanovic. In the resumption, the Spaniard stands in place of Kessié and there seems to be more comfortable at it.

André Silva 5.5: too much for all the first time, better in the Cutrone shooting at his side. The Portuguese, however, appears too shy, and is only seen on one occasion with a shot to the Suso that is printed on the inside pole.

Montella 5.5: you can not, once again, give a time to your opponents. Not in the derby, not for the other time. This team fails to close in defense, it must propose game. In the second half, the attitude changes and the situation improves. Unfortunately two goals are not enough to earn points.

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