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Milan, Montella: “We are not yet a team”

Paradoxically if yesterday’s Olimpico match had been postponed to date, it would be a relief for Milan, wounded in a flooded Rome by the last heavy weather events.

Vincenzo Montella knows well, who comes back with his Milan with his feet on the ground, in a heavy and sudden manner. A shock yesterday’s defeat against Lazio, as unexpectedly for the proportions, with the Rossoneri able to throw away in 13 minutes of net play between the end of the first half and the start of the game.

The Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper reports Montella’s statement in yesterday’s post-match at Olympique Lyonnais, who immediately pressed for the lack of unity and preparation within his Milan: “It’s a bad defeat. We did not have the mental strength to react, everyone wanted to solve the game alone. We must still become a team, do more in terms of attitude and personality. This game told us that we are back, but the reality is that you have important reactions when you have a unique thought. And here are players who have trained together only 3 or 4 times. But we must remain convinced to be a good team: I am ready to challenge, and I say that our goal is to get ahead of Lazio even if they have defeated us. “

Someone already yesterday at the end of the game pointed their finger at Montella for less convincing choices of choice, for having left many quality football players on the floor relying on other less brilliant: “For me these were the best choices. Cutrone is ahead of the others, Kalinic is not in the best, even André Silva, Bonaventura was from an injury. even Calhanoglu was not at the top. The team must grow and be known, even by turning the players. However, when you lose your coach you are always the most responsible. “

Finally, Montella did not rule out a change of form, perhaps already from the next match at the Europa League in Vienna: “Romagnoli is much better, Thursday’s Cup will probably play at 3. If so far it is not because it is not c ‘It was time to try it. “

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