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Donnarumma: “I’ve always been Milan fan since childhood”

Gigio has been questioned on all fronts, from its beginnings to future prospects, beginning with its strong roots of bells always present: “My brother went to work in the country camp. I was very small, my brother came to take my uncle Enrico Alfano, who unfortunately left us a few years ago. We were all together, they were beautiful moments, which I was waiting for as a present. The desire to become a goalkeeper came to me in the footsteps of my brother. He was my example. “

As a child, Donnarumma dreamed of playing amongst the poles and especially dreaming of the Rossoneri colors: “I bought for my mom all Milan’s watches, shirts, and scarves. All of my football stuff, my baby room was already rossonera. I always played in the door, I like the responsibility of my role. This is what makes me very proud of my companions and the public. “

It is impossible not to mention the controversy with Under 21 in the summer, at the time of its initial failure to sign on the renewal with Milan: “I honestly did not even notice at that time. I knew they were in controversy with me because I was screaming behind them, but at that moment I did not even think they were money. Then, when the game ended, when I saw the pictures and I saw it all sincerely, I got sick. At that time I wanted to think only of the European, and I was sorry that the fans thought of my betrayal. Sincerely for an eighteen-year-old boy is a bit difficult. But I defended myself. Smile and Tranquility “.

Donnarumma has a strong character and is not afraid of any pressure, as he has come out well in this intricate story: “Honestly at that time everything was read in the newspapers, and it was all bad. I did not rub it at me, I slipped that poison on him. I wanted to be quiet. And I’m left with it. When do you excite me? The derby is always the derby, normal that before the derby there is a bit of anxiety, a bit of fear. “

Gigio already speaks about the false line of the great international goalkeepers, from those who follow as models ever since: “Gigi Buffon, since I am little, is my model. Now there is Neuer I like very much. I try to follow my career: I’m also inspiring to him, right now. Then there is my brother: he helps me so much, he helps me in the workouts, we both help. We are colleagues but there is something more, very important for me: family affection. “

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