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Bonucci: “I want to win the Champions with AcMilan “

Leonardo Bonucci was certainly one of the most important transfers of this summer session of the soccer field. Milan has ripped him to Juventus for 42 million euros and has assured him who is now the new captain.

On Sunday his former team lost the Italian Supercup against Lazio and he tells La Gazzetta dello Sport that he has not been in the field with the bianconera shirt: “It actually made me strange to see Juve in front On tv, but by now this is the past. My present and future is called Milan. ”

Moving from Juventus to Milan is never easy, but Bonucci has been very well received by fans and the whole environment: “I thought there would be a bit more skepticism about me. This enthusiasm drives me to give even more. I’m looking forward to debut at this stage. I confess that I have a bit of shaking: San Siro is the story and the day of the preliminaries, although I did not play, was one of the few times when I was excited by entering a stadium. I would love to see the same audience again. “

As mentioned initially, Leo has been named team captain and therefore has an even more important role within the group: “It is an important responsibility, I will give myself to defend this shirt from the first to the last minute of each game. I can make charisma and experience available, but it is the team that makes you so. I’m fortunate to have learned from great leaders like Buffon, Del Piero and Chiellini. For the rest, the secret is to group in small things in detail. Milan deserves to come back and that’s what the company has asked us. “

Bonucci tells the choice to leave Juventus to join Milan and not in other companies that followed him, both in Italy and abroad: “Because he had the most ambitious project. I live with challenges, and Fassone and Mirabelli made me feel important and they wanted me tough, otherwise the negotiation would not last for only 48 hours. On the other hand, love is either born immediately, or never born. And it is certainly not a matter of money: to those who give me the mercenary I say that I had also requested from abroad, where I would have earned more. “

The Rossoneri club is trying to get back to the top in Italy and Europe, a bit like Juventus made after the Serie B relegation and some complicated seasons: “Exactly, I find many analogies. In fact, I chose Milan because in my head there is the idea of ​​repeating the route lived in bianconero, where we had started from a refoundation like in this case and we got to the top. Here, here I want to get even higher. Within four years I hope to get to win the Champions. I want to take home everything. “

Milan is still missing the purchase of a midfielder. It is often the names of Andrea Belotti and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: “Belotti is one who drags, who works so much. I do not know if he will come, but who should arrive should be available in two phases. A top-notch thing will ease you into so many things, it would be the perfect closure of a stimulating and exciting market. “

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